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New project

Quick Note: using some of the RSS stuff I learned at CIL 2008 to create some new services at work. Will report on them in more detail later, but I am using Google Reader’s sharing capability/page along with some other tools to push out information relevant to my organization.

Washington DC photos

I just uploaded a few more images from DC to my flickr account. Had most of these set for no flash, wide screen, fine detail, on auto. The camera went to a higher ISO setting, resulting in some graininess, but I think it looks cool. Much better than anything I did with the flash.

Flight canceled

Like thousands of others, my American Airlines flight was cancelled. I was supposed to fly home in the morning. So I called AA, left the phone on speaker-phone for an hour, and finally got an agent on the horn to help me out. He set me up with another flight — at 7:05am. Hopefully it will not be canceled too.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I got the notice that my flight had been canceled while I was out on a bus tour of DC. It was actually a nice night, and the monuments were really beautiful all lit up. I set my camera on “super fine, wide screen, no flash” and tried to get artistic. Click to get the wide screen version. I shot this image at the FDR memorial. I’ll post a few more soon, but now it is time for bed. If I’m lucky I can get 4 hours sleep, thanks to the airline shuffle.


CIL2008 – Day 2 – Tech Tools for effectively managing information – 30 new software tools

Not even going to try to comment much — here are my very quick notes of a fast-paced presentation. Good presentation. Just realized I’m not giving these entries standardized titles. Oh well, thats what tagging is for.

See CIL wiki for slides.

RSS without reader: sendmerss.com — create our own RSS feed for sites without a feed. Can deliver to Outlook. Works with Mobile. Might be good for city execs. good for lunch and learn. There is a better solution — depends on page.


Color palettes.

Adobe Kuler — color generator. Kuler.adobe.com. A nice flash application. Looks like a great tool. There’s an adobe widget that can run these kind of adobe tools.

Glance.net — download app. Remote viewing and control of your computer. 

Branding delivered to your users. RSS. conduit.com  .  Create a toolbar for your site.  Custom toolbar. Requires an installation — could be a problem for us.

PDFHammer.com — allows you to edit PDF files. Allows you to pull particular pages and save as new document. Server-based and free. No install required.

Webdeveloper toolbar for FireFox

Ponyfish.com — creates RSS feeds for your site. You can, for example, then use this RSS feed with bloglines. 

Addthis.com — downloadable widget. For easy access to tagging sites.

Processlibrary.com — helps you find out what, for instance, a particular DLL is.

Fantastico — installs script — puts a variety of CMSs on your server/host.

Rollyo — group sites together — and creates a search engine for only those sites. Google custom search also does this.

Browsershots: how does my site look in other browsers.

Snagit — screenshots. About $40. More flexible than screenshot. don’t have to go into photoshop.

Firebug: web dev tool. Firefox plugin. hack stylesheets. Live code editing — how would little changes look. Nice tool.

Zotero — organize and cite research, online, for free. Alternative to Endnotes or Refworks. It is a FF addon. Might be very useful for Toni. Works with jstor.

Camtasia — creating video productions. Tell Brent about this — $299.