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Cheap stuff

For the last couple of month’s I’ve been mostly using my Samsung Google Chromebook for my internet/blogging/multimedia activities. It cost $250.

It’s certainly true that I would rather have a new MacBook Air, but as I have stated before I couldn’t see spending that kind of money right now. Too many other things I want and need to spend money on.

The more I use this little machine, the more comfortable I am with it. True, it is kind of cheaply built, but hell, look at the price. The only thing I’ve found it really doesn’t do that well is video display. I guess the graphics card, or whatever you call the part of this machine that processes video, isn’t super good. But it isn’t horrible either.

I guess there is on other issue that has come up, and that is video editing. While there is some reasonable cloud-based software out there for video editing, the challenge is in the uploading of your video footage into the cloud to work on it. HD video creates such big files. It just isn’t very feasible to upload hundreds of megs (or multiples gigs) unless you have a much faster upload speed than most people. There needs to be some app that will load locally on the Chromebook and process the video locally. Perhaps there already is and I just haven’t found it.

I’ve had good enough luck with this Chromebook that I’m tempted to apply the same “making the most out inexpensive equipment” ethos to the rest of ┬ámy computing activities. I hardly every use a real “camcorder” for shooting video. Almost all mine is done on a simple point ‘n’ shoot digital camera. I use a GoPro HD Hero sometimes, but overall the point ‘n’ shoot seems to be my favored device.

In a world of skateboarders using expensive and cutting edge cameras, I like the idea of shooting good pics, video, and audio using inexpensive stuff, on an inexpensive computer. While I’ve been thinking very seriously about getting a nice digital SLR, maybe just getting a better point ‘n’ shoot — one that will shoot video in HD — might be a better choice for me.

OK, yes, this is kind of one of those rambling blog posts that no one will want to read. Whatever.

Pen Pic

Posted this on my photoblog this morning, but was kinda stoked about the way the flash lit up the orange notebook, so I’m posting it here. Shot on Macro setting. No manipulation of image. Was really just testing the macro on this beat up old point ‘n’ shoot camera. Still seems to be getting the job done.

pen pic

Lamy Safari fountain pen on Rhodia notebook.

Richardson Texas Photo Journal #1

Here’s a link to the first small set of pictures I’ve taken while riding around Richardson in the evening.

I’ve really come to appreciate how easy it is to ride a bike around town in the evenings. Traffic is light after about 7pm, and right now the weather is great. A good headlight and some flashing lights for the back of the bike, and you are good to go.

Flight canceled

Like thousands of others, my American Airlines flight was cancelled. I was supposed to fly home in the morning. So I called AA, left the phone on speaker-phone for an hour, and finally got an agent on the horn to help me out. He set me up with another flight — at 7:05am. Hopefully it will not be canceled too.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I got the notice that my flight had been canceled while I was out on a bus tour of DC. It was actually a nice night, and the monuments were really beautiful all lit up. I set my camera on “super fine, wide screen, no flash” and tried to get artistic. Click to get the wide screen version. I shot this image at the FDR memorial. I’ll post a few more soon, but now it is time for bed. If I’m lucky I can get 4 hours sleep, thanks to the airline shuffle.