about Concrete Lunch

I’m a skateboarder, aikidoist, writer, reader, librarian, podcaster, ranter, picture taker. Occasionally I do some drawing. This is my blog.

Here on my blog, I write my opinions. Some of them probably will make some people angry, even if they are satirical. Also, I do drop in some curse words from time to time. If you don’t like it, you need to grow up. It’s not a big deal.

Oh, one other thing. I don’t argue with people on my blog. This is my blog, where I write things things I think about, and sometimes opinions, and I’m not interested in arguing with you if you disagree. I’ll just block you. Get your own blog and write whatever you want.


One thought on “about Concrete Lunch

  1. Let me just break this here bottle of champagne over the bow of this new blog! And… you’re off! I’ve bookmarked you already.

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