Echo and the Bunnymen

We went to see Echo and the Bunnymen last night in Dallas.

It was awesome.

Going to shows with my wife is one of my great joys in life. That she and I share so many musical preferences is one of the others. While we stood there “on the floor” of this show next to our friend John and Tina, with all the other middle-aged fans, my feet did hurt, but other than that I felt like we were in our early 20s again. I always feel like that with her at shows.

Echo and the Bunny Men on stage

Road Trip With Dog

A couple of weeks ago we took Riley on his first road trip. We went down to Austin. The plan was to spend the night.

He was really good in the car, and overall he did great on the trip. He did not care for the hotel. I guess he could hear everything in the building. It kept him very agitated. While my wife went to an event he and I spent time out by the pool and took an evening walk at St. Edwards University, where everyone wanted to meet him. This dog is a people magnet, and he loves everyone.

We end up coming home late Thursday night, as it was clear the hotel wasn’t going to work for him (or us). The drunken party by the pool didn’t help things.  Lesson learned.

But overall I had a good time. It’s always fun to be on the road with my wife.  We talk and laugh and it’s always so fun. I love being on the road with her, and while traveling with Riley was a new challenge, it went well. Just needs a little fine tuning.

He is me and him on a wildflower trail near our hotel.

man and dog