Flight canceled

Like thousands of others, my American Airlines flight was cancelled. I was supposed to fly home in the morning. So I called AA, left the phone on speaker-phone for an hour, and finally got an agent on the horn to help me out. He set me up with another flight — at 7:05am. Hopefully it will not be canceled too.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I got the notice that my flight had been canceled while I was out on a bus tour of DC. It was actually a nice night, and the monuments were really beautiful all lit up. I set my camera on “super fine, wide screen, no flash” and tried to get artistic. Click to get the wide screen version. I shot this image at the FDR memorial. I’ll post a few more soon, but now it is time for bed. If I’m lucky I can get 4 hours sleep, thanks to the airline shuffle.


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