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Fun with Photoshop

Finally got back out to my skateboarding hill last night. Used the GoPro to get some footage. Not the greatest footage, but not too bad for tripod stuff done quickly.

I captured a few stills from the video footage and tweaked them a bit with Photoshop. Here are 4 of them.

Click the images for full size.

skate shot

Increase the “vibrance” by +45.






skate shot

Changed to B&W, increased brightness and contrast. I like the way it brings out the gnarliness of the seams in the street.







skate shot

Changed to B&W, increased brightness, decreased contrast.

skate shot

Another one changed to B&W, increased brightness and contrast.


When we’re gone


After-Humans. Click for full size.

We took a nice walk at a local “nature area” today. Yeah, in modern civilization we have “areas” for nature, heh heh. This is one of my favorite places in the city. So good to be there with the trees, by the creek.

I really like this shot of the old train trestle, near the creek. Some people don’t like to see stuff like this “spoiling” nature. I love it. It’s like finding a ruin.

When humanity is gone, this what it will look like everywhere. We worry so much about human concerns, but without us it won’t be bad at all.

Richardson Texas Photo Journal #1

Here’s a link to the first small set of pictures I’ve taken while riding around Richardson in the evening.

I’ve really come to appreciate how easy it is to ride a bike around town in the evenings. Traffic is light after about 7pm, and right now the weather is great. A good headlight and some flashing lights for the back of the bike, and you are good to go.