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BoomBox Fun

In 2013 or so I bought this board, the Bustin Boards “Boombox”. Don’t bother looking. Discontinued long ago. It is a unique board. The mid section is dropped slightly and has some rocker. It has concave. It has a nose and tail, enough to go down a curb without feeling like you’re going to kill yourself. It is a thick, heavy board. I wish I’d gotten the lighter version with some fiberglass in it, but I didn’t. At any rate, heavy as it is, it is great board.

It’s hard for me to believe It’s been 7 years since I got it. Time is passing way too quickly.

The trucks were sent to me by Michael Bream, who then owned Randal trucks. They were a breast cancer fundraiser/awareness special edition of the great Randal-II 180mm truck. Michael just sent them to me, and I appreciated it. Now I appreciate those pink trucks even more. A lot more.

As noted in a previous post, I’ve got the bug to get my longboard flow going, which is why I’m posting this stuff.

Here are a couple of videos. First one is from 2014. I was just out riding around the public library building. The first part is at my normal freestyle spot, which is really too small to ride a 42″ board, but I did it anyway. I was just getting a feel for the setup, which had different wheels at the time. The second scene is in the parking lot out beside the library, which is a better spot. You can go fast, turn, carve, and not run out of space. I had a good time that evening, and will do so again.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for new lines appropriate to this and other longboards.

The second video is from 2013. Some test shots. Riding around the library, and carving a brick bank along the sidewalk on one side of the building.

And finally, a video I made toward the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Looking at it, I had already let myself get quite fat from staying too sedentary, eating cinnamon rolls, and drinking root beer. Comfort food.  I’ve lost the fat now, and am back to fighting weight.  I enjoyed the rolls and root beer a lot.

Oh, here’s another I made, just talking about this board.

Fun with Photoshop

Finally got back out to my skateboarding hill last night. Used the GoPro to get some footage. Not the greatest footage, but not too bad for tripod stuff done quickly.

I captured a few stills from the video footage and tweaked them a bit with Photoshop. Here are 4 of them.

Click the images for full size.

skate shot

Increase the “vibrance” by +45.






skate shot

Changed to B&W, increased brightness and contrast. I like the way it brings out the gnarliness of the seams in the street.







skate shot

Changed to B&W, increased brightness, decreased contrast.

skate shot

Another one changed to B&W, increased brightness and contrast.