The Ultimate Plot Hole

In the Fantastic Four’s first encounter with Galactus, they get a little help from the Watcher, who gives Reed Richards access to the Ultimate Nullifier, a device with which he is able to drive Galactus away from Earth.

Sorry, the Earth would have been toast.

Sorry, the Earth would have been toast.

Are we to believe that Galactus, an almost omnipotent being, capable of creating demigods like the Silver Surfer, subsisting on the life-energy of entire planets, born in the fire of the Big Bang…

…can’t simply take the damned thing away from Reed Richards, the guy whose power is the ability to stretch?

Surely Galactus could have paralyzed Reed rendering him unable to trigger the device. He could have teleported the device from Reed’s hand. He could simply cause Reed to instantly be dead. There are an infinite number of ways a being like Galactus could have easily solved this problem.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Plot Hole

  1. Mike Moore

    I always feel like some sort of knuckle dragging, mouth breather when you review your latest high brow read. Luckily you balance them with pieces like this…and include pictures with it. Sorta brings it all back down to my level. Thanks.

  2. Joseph Gilbert Thompson

    The Ultimate Nullified is either an oil can,Galactus ‘s on and off switch or his penis


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