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Why my MacBook rules

While at the Internet Librarian conference, and in transit to it, I have…

  • Chatted with my wife
  • Kept up with my friends
  • Edited the Metromorphosis.com website before the sessions started today, and used Pixelmator to do image editing, all sitting in the lobby.
  • Edited a new trick tip video for Bob’s Trick Tips last night, uploaded it, and posted it.
  • Skyped with my previously mentioned beautiful wife.
  • Watched some killer skate videos
  • Sent my boss and colleagues back home some good information before even compiling a full report.
  • Tweeted a lot.
  • Taken lots of notes. Love it that the conference has good wifi coverage and plenty of power outlets.
  • Etc, Etc, Etc.

Internet Librarian 2010, Day One, part 1.

I’ve been in Northern California since Friday afternoon. Today is the first dry day. Rained all weekend, destroying all plans to skate with my friends Dale or Gary, but it was fun hanging with Dale anyway. Much good food was eaten and skateboarding discussed. Had a great trip to the Museum of Modern Art, in San Francisco. Very enjoyable.

Drove back down to Monterey onĀ  Sunday afternoon, in the rain. It isn’t really that far, but the drive is always sorta tiring. Took the less-scenic route in order to avoid highway 17, and the severe stress it always inflicts on me.

The keynote at the conference was interesting, as have been the sessions so far. I’ll write about them later tonight. Just had my usual first day lunch (and usually second and third) of fried calamari. Good stuff. Hoping for some dry weather tonight, so I can venture to the little skatepark nearby. However, I suspect the moisture will accumulate. That seems to be the way it works here, in which case I’ll probably read part 2 of On the Road and get a nice milk shake via room service.