I love skateboarding, but that’s not skateboarding.

That’s what I thought when I just watched some clips of the “street” skateboarding event from the 2021 Summer Olympics.

I have never seen skateboarding as boring, soulless, and lacking in flow. If this is all skateboarding is, I would throw all my stuff away immediately.

2 thoughts on “Skateboarding

  1. Eric Sanders

    Oh, do you mean the “Run with board in hand, do the same rails, ignore everything else, run some more up the incline, DO NOT flow, be a robotix contest”?
    Yeah nary a single boneless one, nor a bert, least of all a nose wheelie.
    More of a 90s Jamie Thomas vibe to it all.

    1. Bob Post author

      Eric, I didn’t expect much, and I was still appalled. That was hands-down the worst skateboarding I’ve ever seen.


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