I’ve been spending my evenings reading recently. I tend to read in bursts. I’ll read 3 books, and then not read anything for 2 months. I made a decision not to allow social media, youtube, and all the rest steal my life from me. I’ll let books steal my life. Mostly science fiction. Mostly older science fiction. Mostly science fiction novels of less than 300 pages.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really miss the social media. I’m not totally avoiding it. I didn’t take the apps off my phone. I decided I should be able to exercise my human mind and will to simply read most of the time, rather than just dicking around on the internet.

It’s a better way to live.

3 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Eric Sanders

    Books are so very good for us. Sci Fi, some spooky ones, fantasy, odd hybrid, pulp from the glory days of pulp, list goes on.

    My main rule is finish the one I started unless it is a dud of dudly ville. One time I had 6 different types going nad they over lapped into a jumble of Bukowski, the Graduate, Rollins, Lestat (yes that one), and I think Hunter S. , oh some book by Wavy Gravy was in that mish mash.

    1. admin Post author

      I am a pretty slow reader. If I get into a book about 30 pages deep and I’m not interested, I put it away. No guilt at all.


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