Post 700

Various thoughts…

  • Yoda was cool in the Last Jedi. Yoda is cool in everything. But really cool in that.
  • They are working on a Venom movie. Venom is a dumb character.
  • This is the second Christmas with my mom in memory care. It’s still weird, but I’m glad she is happy and content.
  • I have¬† lot to do in 2018.
  • I want to get back on the podcasting this coming year.
  • Shodan test in January.

Wishing all my friends mucho peace and happiness this Christmas and in 2018. It’s been a rough year with a mean moron in the Whitehouse and it seems like kindness is in shot supply up there. Let’s vote ’em out as soon as possible, and in the the meantime all try to be better people.

3 thoughts on “Post 700

  1. Mike Moore

    Thanks for being a voice of calm thoughtfulness. Lotsa goodness to you and yours.

    We saw the new Star Wars in IMAX 3D, visually stunning…but…I’m either old, or it wasn’t that great. SPOILER ALERT!!! At least 1/2 hour too long, thanks for the drive by Laura Dern, Leia force pull in space, Snoke was a joke, etc. etc. Meh. Skateboards and Star Wars came into my life at roughly the same time…they’ve both hung on in some form or another for 40 years now.

    1. admin Post author

      I thought the Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro parts could have been eliminated and it would have been a lot better.

      1. Mike Moore

        Oh yeah…Benicio Del Toro…I think I tried to just block that whole bit. I’ll stay positive and once again say “Visually Stunning”, which sounds much better than “Steaming Pile”


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