Participation Trophies

I think it’s OK to give kids trophies for participation. In fact, I think it is good. It’s a good thing.

Some kids never win a trophy. Then some kids win all the fucking trophies. I always hated those kids. One of the good things about not being one of them was that it turned me into a skateboarder.

The kids that never win — well — that makes them feel like shit. It makes a lot of them not want to participate. Participation and trying should be encouraged. I hate it when people are so damn stingy they won’t give a kid the slight break of recognizing that they tried.

End of rant.

One thought on “Participation Trophies

  1. Mike Moore

    Here’s what you learn when you don’t get a trophy…”Life sucks”, and it does at times. Here’s what you don’t learn when everyone gets a trophy…”Life sucks”. Prepare the little snot slingers early…you don’t always win, sometimes you never do.
    But guess what? Choose to play your own game…You always win, even when you lose.


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