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Pandemic Life

I hate that there is a pandemic, and I really hate that people are suffering, and dying, and that people can’t work. I hate it.

But I have to say, I like working from home. I get a lot done. I like being able to walk to the front of the house and see my wife during the day. I like not having to spend nearly an hour of my day in the car. I like being at home, not eating any restaurant food, losing a lot of my gut already. I like getting up, going for a walk with my wife instead of having to drive to work, and then going for another walk in the evening instead of having to drive home. I do miss my colleagues. I love my profession, and I’m proud to be part of it, and the people I work with are of the highest quality. I miss my Aikido dojo, getting together in-person with my gaming group, skating with a friend or two from time to time, and being able to go to the store without wanting everyone else in the store to disappear (I’ve only been once — we are doing grocery curbside pickup — pop the trunk and they put the stuff in. No contact).

I miss these things, but there are some parts of this lifestyle, as noted, that aren’t too bad. It stinks that we have to have people getting sick and dying to rediscover our lives, and realize that we’re being run ragged most every day of our adult lives.

I think the republicans are seriously afraid that people might enjoy having a lot of their life back, and that people might suddenly understand that 75% of the shit they are buying isn’t needed or really of any value at all.

Participation Trophies

I think it’s OK to give kids trophies for participation. In fact, I think it is good. It’s a good thing.

Some kids never win a trophy. Then some kids win all the fucking trophies. I always hated those kids. One of the good things about not being one of them was that it turned me into a skateboarder.

The kids that never win — well — that makes them feel like shit. It makes a lot of them not want to participate. Participation and trying should be encouraged. I hate it when people are so damn stingy they won’t give a kid the slight break of recognizing that they tried.

End of rant.

More on death

The guy in the previous story – who died suddenly. Two things. 1)He was only 47, and 2)It was the flu. Get your damned flu shots people. I don’t know if he had gotten his, but regardless, you should get it. Does no harm and it may prevent you from getting sick or more importantly from infecting someone else who is more at risk from a bad outcome. I’m sick of every armchair epidemiologist who says “I never get the shot, because it doesn’t work”. Same with anti-vaxers. They are playing with your health and mine.

No Books

I have started some books this year, but I’ve not as of today finished a single one.

My normal reading hour, which is my lunch time every day during the week, has been greatly disrupted for the past few months just by the need to often spend my lunch helping my mom our in some way. But that’s no excuse, really.

I’ve been busy with a lot of skateboarding, and frankly, toward the end of the day I simply don’t have the mental energy left to read much of anything. I sure, I’ll surf the web a bit, but no real reading.

At any rate, I started a very interesting and somewhat short book about modern vs. old sleep habits. I found this book after realizing that I slept better in Germany, while camping, than I ever do at home. I actually felt rested, though I was on a cheap military cot, in a sleeping bag, in a tent, and it was cold. This caught my attention. I guess that fact that I feel tired as shit all the time wasn’t enough, but I had nothing with which to compare my normal feeling of sleep deprivation.

As an experiment, when my wife is going for a week in August, I’m going to try my best to turn off all screens of any kind after 9pm at home. No interwebs. No TV. Just maybe some reading (not on a Kindle) and music (not on a computer or iPod). I’m going to then turn off all the lights in the house at 10, and block all unnatural light from bedroom. and go to sleep.

This is going to be hard to pull off, because the asshole neighbors behind us keep a porchlight on for their fucking dog. Other people insist on keeping “security lights” blazing all night, though we live in lowest-crime neighborhood in town. Blah blah blah. My point is — there is a lot of natural light to shut out, and that makes it impossible to also WAKE from natural light.

So this may just not work. But it is a worthy experiment, and at worst I will get more sleep. So no harm in trying.

Well, back to reading. Though I love getting all tired in the evenings from skateboarding, I also love to read. I’m going to a contest in Philly in October, but I must admit I’m looking forward to winter. I’ve come to love the winter. Dark early. Cold days. Lay on the couch and read and read and read. I love that.

So maybe I can crank through some good books in the next five months and save the year. It would be nice if Pancho were still around to lay next to me while I read, but maybe this guy will try to fill his shoes.

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