That’s the way to do it

This past weekend the London Calling skateboarding event happened in, you guessed it, London. A lot of big shots from the English and U.S. skate scenes were there. It’s kind of an old school event.

Alva was there.

I saw some shots on his Instagram page of him skating South Bank. That spot is no joke. My dear friend Tony Gale took me there in 2015 and it is gnarly. Even the flat is gnarly.

Alva posted this image on his Instagram page. It is everything I love in skateboarding, in one image. What a fantastic shot.

Tony Alva doing a nose wheelie on a skateboard


As I have told a few friends, I’ve been spending time reading every day that I suppose was previously devoted to farting around aimlessly on the internet. I started this in April, and since then I’ve read 11 science fiction novels.

If you read 5% of a novel every day you will finish that novel in 20 days. I know that books vary in page counts (obviously) but that means for a 300 page novel, 15 pages a day will get you through that novel in 20 days. That’s pretty good.

So even if I only have 20 or 30 minutes to read it is worth the effort. Usually I get started and end up reading 10 or 15 percent, at least. Having the Kindle charged and ready and in my backpack during the workday is key.

Anyway I’m making a project of this, with the very modest goal of reading 20 SF novels this year. Tracking them on my Goodreads account.

Riley & Grogu

This little monster is now 9 months old. To say the least he has change my life – our lives.

We brought him home when he was 9 weeks old. We did this because we wanted him with us during the window of time when he’d bond most strongly with us. The first 3 months were rough. We’d never had a dog before, either of us. So here we were with a puppy that needed ALL the training, no experience, and a backyard that turned into a mud pit when it rained.

My wife enrolled him in the Great Puppy Day School at the What a Great Dog training center here in town. They were amazing. He is very smart, and requires very little instruction. It helped a lot. Potty training was all on us, and it was tough.

Now, months later, he is indeed becoming a great dog. Sweet, good natured, quiet (an anomaly apparently with shelties).

Tonight he picked up his Grogu toy and hopped up on this air bed with it.

We love him.