Just attended Woepacs to Wowpacs.

It is good to know that everyone thinks their OPACs are bad.  Can’t wait to get back and start customizing ours now that I have access to the test server.

Roy, from OCLC, noted the differences between Integrated Library Systems (ILS) and Discovery Systems (which are essentially a public face/overlay for the ILS). Wondering if there is a better Discovery System that we might use at home. He mentioned a number of open source systems, which I’ve made notes about and will check into when I get home. 

Had lunch with a coworker from my system, which was nice.

Still not sure what I’m doing after the conference today. 

More later.



Well, not that much more to report about today’s session. They were good, and I saw some good tools for possible use, but nothing really blew me away. The Wednesday sessions look pretty promising.


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