New Setup

OK, here is that thermocarbon Boom Box all set up. I took the Paris 180 trucks and 60mm 78a Hawgs wheels off the “dancer” style board they were on and put ’em on this. That particular board, the Zenit Judo, is extremely nice, but I think that kind of longboard is just not for me. It is too bouncy, and frankly just to specialized for fancy prancing. Not into it, so I might sell it.

This version of the Boom Box is a lot lighter than the all-wood version I’ve had for a while. Going to keep them both setup.

I have always been a Randal trucks user. When Paris trucks came out I have to admit I was skeptical, and remained so until my friend Eric sent me these Paris V2 180mm trucks. That are damned good, and apparently (according to my friend Tony) the V3 is even better. They turn like butter. Really good. I’m not going to to replace all my Randal trucks, but I might not buy any more either.

I know I talk a lot about longboards that are just stretched regular boards, but I do like this board. There’s a part of me that enjoys the limitations imposed. Creativity can be spurred sometimes by limiting yourself to certain elements. If you are just going to try to ride a longboard like a normal board, what’s the point?

Me, on the all-wood Boom Box, today. Wheeee…look at me go!

One thought on “New Setup

  1. Eric Sanders

    You can always use the Judo for a carve monster ride. Now onto the thermo boom box. Love the rocker it has. Looks like a good set up and I think you’ll have many a happy carve on it.


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