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This year’s reading is going well. I’m on book #6 for the year, and finally might catch up on my Goodreads Challenge, as I’m only one book behind now. I got a slow start in January, but that’s fine. This isn’t supposed to be a stress-inducing thing. Just a goal.

I’m not rushing through the books. The idea of bumping my yearly goal up to 36 from 20 is simply to help me waste less time doing pretty much nothing. I’m reading at a relaxed pace and enjoying the books, not just cranking through them like a project to check them off the list when I’m done.

I’ve been doing a lot of “research” (which means mostly watching YouTube videos) about reading habits and how people approach daily reading. The first thing that became apparent is that there are lot of “BookTubers” out there, and everyone has lots of opinions. People I talk to in-person have lots of opinions, and I seek these out because I really want to know what people are doing with their reading and what they get from it.

I’m approaching one year of doing my 5% Reading Goal every day. I think my ability to focus and not get distracted by shiny objects (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) has improved a lot. I’ve also gotten much better at being able to sit and read, then talk with my wife for a bit or pet the dog or cat, then get right back to my reading and not feel like I lost my place. Essentially I’m using sustained reading to rehabilitate the concentration and focus that I’ve spent the last 20 years destroying with social media.

I’ve talked to people who say they just can’t concentrate on a book. Well, of course you can’t. You have been trained not to. The TV and the Internet don’t want you to. Sure, most of us are literate to the extent we can read, but like anything else reading is a skill, and you get better at it with practice. That’s why I think if you don’t read books now, it is good to start with tiny goals, like reading one page without checking your phone, and move up from there.

It’s given me a daily and yearly sense of accomplishment. If I read my 5% I never end my day feeling like I didn’t do anything for myself.

2 thoughts on “More On Reading

  1. Eric Sanders

    Very well said. For me I feel off balance if I don’t read each day. I read at a good pace and stay focused on what the words are describing. Much better than being sucked into the machines aka this screen and the Ol’ idiot box.

  2. Mike Moore

    I completely fall into the “no attention span” group. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, I’m doomed. Thanks for being a light as always Bob. #blessed


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