In Praise of My MacBook Pro

When the pandemic started and I realized I’d be working from home I ordered a new MacBook Pro. I needed something that would run Adobe Creative Cloud really well, especially Adobe Premiere. So I got the 16″ late 2019 model I’m on right now. I spent more on a computer than I ever had. Maxed it out in every way possible. It is a bad-ass machine. I love it.

The speakers on this laptop continue to blow me away. I forget how good the built-in speakers sound until I have to use the speakers on a lesser computer, like the ones at work or my trusty Chromebook. Man, these speakers just great. Just killer.

I have of course been back “in the office” for over a year now. In the “new” position I took during the pandemic and that I still have I’m very involved in audio and video editing, and they got me a really nice Dell laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud, but honestly there’s still a lot that is easier on my MacBook. It’s just superior.

2 thoughts on “In Praise of My MacBook Pro

  1. Paul

    I run both as do most of the people I do business with. Picked up 2021 16″ MBP last year and then a Mac Studio this past spring. But I also have a HP Zbook that is a few years old but rock-solid. I no longer travel that one, but it gets a ton of use in the studio.

    I’m pretty agnostic about operating systems these days as once the software is up and running the OS just fades away. Windows 11 and macOS are equally good at this. It really comes down to buying/building the machine you need. None of the 3D artists I work with use mac for that kind of work because of the inability to upgrade and refresh the substantial hardware they’ve already invested in. Graphics Processing especially.

    I can’t afford to use any OS-specific software anymore. Too many people in too many places for any project. I will give huge props to the Continuity Camera function in the new macOS. Really makes for some nice remote recordings when people know to use it.


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