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  1. Ryan

    What settings are you using on the camera? Your footage is looking mighty smooth… mine seems to be a bit choppy when filming others. Also, are you holding it by hand or do you have a rig for it to mount to when it’s not mounted to your board.


    1. txlongboarder Post author

      Ryan, I in these clips I was just holding it in my hand. It was recording on setting 4 – 720 HD. I dump the resulting mpeg4 files into iMovie HD for editing, and saved them “for broadband” .MOV . Sadly, youtube did not recognize these as HD files, so there is no HD option there. I have a really old version of iMovie HD — need to upgrade to better software. Today I uploaded GoPro Test 2 – in which I saved converted the mpeg 4 files to .MOV HD files, using Wondershare Converter Pro. The resulting .MOV files are still very very big, like almost 200 megs for just about 1.5 minutes of footage. Took a long time to upload to youtube via my WiFi at home. But the results are good quality. The filming is bit rougher as I had the camera mounted to the nose of my board.


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