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Tonight I decided to make this a “general” skate blog. Since it’s my blog, it will mostly be about me and my friends.

So here’s my part from the third NeverWas video, which was released back in October at StupidFest II. I am running out of tricks, so for the fourth video I will have to learn some new stuff and go to some new spots. I have some ideas, which is frustrating because for various reasons I’ve not been able to get out and skate. And right now I’m four days into a sinus infection, which sucks.

Anyway, here’s the video. My goal on this part was to do some freestyle on a bigger board, to sort of demonstrate to some of the old guys that FS can actually be like it was before stationary tricks and specialization temporarily ruined it. That’s its a fun thing to do, and there’s no reason one can’t have a few such tricks in their arsenal.


Soon I’ll write a bit more about the Philly Freestyle contest I was in back in September, but right now I want to post a video of this kid Steven Vera, who rides for Bustin Boards. Steven is rad, and has the added good quality of being a nice young dude and not prick. He entered the freestyle contest on a longboard, and really threw it down. It was nice to see someone (besides me) enter a flatland contest and NOT do what is expected. Killer.

Here’s a little intro to Vera’s skating. Good kid. Give him some propz yo.

Bacon Gaze

My friend Chris has been drummer in the band Deep Snapper for many years now. They play punk-inspired rock. Or played. They have called it quits, at least for now, after 6 full length albums, countless shows, etc.  I’m sure all the guys will continue making good rock music, which is something very needed in this lip-sync, over-sampled, over-autotuned world.

Yesterday Chris shot a bunch of GoPro footage. It is mostly me, at the usual hill, but unlike so many of the videos I post here this one has some actual “moves” in it.

Boards in this video are my Gravity Kalai with R-IIs and Gravity Hi-Grades, my Gravity Minicarve with Tracker 149s and Gravity Burners, and Chris’s Eastbilt 42″ kicktail with R-II and Gravity Burners.

I haven’t been posting here much, but I have been skating as much as the short days of Winter allow.

Anyway  — here’s the vid.


The great Brad Edwards. One of the best and most humble skaters I’ve ever met.

Since he would never say it, I will. Brad is hands-down the best, most stylish all-around skater who typically rides a longboard. He doesn’t go in for gimmicks, and is always the first to be stoked for someone else.

If Brad did the level of self-promotion that so many do, more people would recognize this, but then he wouldn’t be Brad.

GoPro Test 2

Set up a GoPro mount on the nose of my Gravity Kalai longboard. Testing various file conversion and upload settings. This one was originally a 720p HD MPEG4 file,  then converted to a .MOV HD file that was still over 150 megs in size, then uploaded to Youtube for Flash conversion. Quality is still really pretty good, but it should be as the original file was damned big for about a 1.5 minute run!

Click the settings button and pick 720 HD for the higher quality view. The original MPEG4 file looks fantastic, and with the GoPro plugged directly into my 47″ HD television it’s even more awesome.

Actually, this looks best if you click through to Youtube, and watch it in the “Large Viewer” in HD.

Revisiting February 2011

I shot this back in Febuary 2011. This is such a great time of the year in North Texas. Beautiful day, nice and cool outside — cool enough for long sleeves. So refreshing. I believe that this day I was out with Marshall, Shawn, and Chris. There was a reasonable wind, and we were shooting with my Sony Bloggie HD. Man, what a gorgeous blue sky!

I won’t be reposting a ton of stuff from the old version of the site, but this was just really nice.