First post of 2015

The holidays are behind us, the new year has begun, and it’s time to use that aribitrary marker of the passage of time to blast into 365 more days — hopefully good ones.


I came back from the November-December time block about 8 pounds fatter. I have lost 3 of them already. They were the result of the aikido dojo being closed, holiday food, cold wet weather preventing skateboarding, and travel. Looked in the mirror and noticed I was getting my fat guy face. Not good. Already losing my hair. Nothing I can do about that, but but I refuse to be bald AND fat.


Not sure if I mentioned here, but in the last quarter of 2014 I began planning a paper and pencil role-playing game campaign. Using the GURPS RPG system, I created the beginnings of a Cyberpunk gameworld, after finding out that 4 friends from my youth through college live in town and would like to do some RPG playing.

OK, actually, I started to mention the game thing here, but quickly created a sub-domain of this blog…Concrete  Lunch Gaming, after getting all stoked on gaming again. Been writing about gaming and started documenting my campaign there.

So what lead me back to this hobby?

What happened is this: Last summer I noticed that my nephew and his friends were playing Minecraft in a way greatly resembling a D&D game. I mentioned this to him. The next morning it was obvious he had stayed up reading about D&D, and he began asking me questions. Frankly, this started to rekindle my interest in the RPG hobby, and I liked the idea of my nephew doing something imaginative that wasn’t a damned video game. So I sent him the new D&D Starter Set. Flash forward to January 2015 and I taught him to play. That next weekend he had his friends over playing. Not sure if they will continue, but I hope they do.

Anyhoo, we had our first Cyberpunk gaming session the other night. Fun was had by all. Here is the nerdish writeup.


Other projects for this year included continuing to write articles for Broken Fingers Freestyle Skateboarding ‘Zine, continue writing other stuff and blogging as much as I can, read 20 books, and skate and do aikido as much as I can. Overriding all of that is support my wife’s efforts to write her dissertation.

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