Bacon Gaze

My friend Chris has been drummer in the band Deep Snapper for many years now. They play punk-inspired rock. Or played. They have called it quits, at least for now, after 6 full length albums, countless shows, etc.  I’m sure all the guys will continue making good rock music, which is something very needed in this lip-sync, over-sampled, over-autotuned world.

Yesterday Chris shot a bunch of GoPro footage. It is mostly me, at the usual hill, but unlike so many of the videos I post here this one has some actual “moves” in it.

Boards in this video are my Gravity Kalai with R-IIs and Gravity Hi-Grades, my Gravity Minicarve with Tracker 149s and Gravity Burners, and Chris’s Eastbilt 42″ kicktail with R-II and Gravity Burners.

I haven’t been posting here much, but I have been skating as much as the short days of Winter allow.

Anyway  — here’s the vid.

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