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Stuff I’m Doing

Besides the skate video filming and usual practicing, and the usual aikido practice (which I have scaled down a bit because I want to have a life outside the dojo), I’ve been working on my Traveller RPG stuff a lot. Trying to spend 30 minutes during my lunch hour at work just expanding the setting with details, adding nonplayer characters of interest, and getting ready for game sessions (like the one this Sunday). Then the first full weekend in September my friend Jeff and I are going to the Lone Star Game Expo, in Grapevine, where I’m running a Traveller session based loosely on the last 3 games I’ve run for my normal group. THEN — my friend Jeremy and I are working on a Traveller “module” based on all this — an adventure that will be available for a fairly low price on .

The gaming stuff is fun. It allows me get some creativity out there in a different way.

Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to winter. It’s a good excuse to stay inside and read.

A little D&D

Played a little 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons yesterday. It was the second time I’ve played. Some of the people I ref a GURPS game for have been playing for a while. I missed a game, but was back yesterday. It was fun. 5th Edition is a bit more “power gamer” of a system. Characters are a lot more powerful, but adversaries are too. It all evens out. There are some things I really like about it. For one thing, there are not limitations on the classes or levels that various characters races can achieve, and no difference between male and female characters. It is a much more inclusive game. There are more character class options too. At this point I prefer to GM in the GURPS system, but playing D&D is great fun. Always has been.

I’ve been skating a lot. Haven’t written much on this blog simply because I’ve not had that much to say. Watching politics in the country right now is mind-boggling, and it seems to be fueling a lot more social conflict. It’s a bummer. I’d rather skate and play games.

More on video games

I feel like I should clear the air about video games.

I don’t really hate them.  I stink at them, but don’t hate them.

When all’s said and done (and other overused sayings), I think people should do what they enjoy as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. So if video games are your thing, than have at it. Good for you. Follow your passion, etc., etc., amen.

And no, I’m not setting the stage to announce that I have a secrete video game addiction problem. Nope. Just feeling generous today.

Here is my video game ownership history, just to prove I have explored this area somewhat…

  • Mattel Electronics Missle Attack handheld video game.
  • Mattel Electronics Sub Attack handheld video game
  • Nintendo Super NES system, on which I played Super Mario World for a couple of years, but really nothing else. Still have it. Still works.
  • Sony Playstation. I played a car racing game and a snowboarding game. Don’t have it anymore.
  • Nintendo Wii — I currently have this, and enjoy playing Rock Band 2 with my wife. Also own Godzilla Unleashed, Wii Fit, Rock Band 3, and Wii Sports. Pretty much just play Rock Band though.

Now my cards are on the table.


Books, Paper, Pencils, and Dice.


New dice for my nephew.

I got my nephew his gaming dice yesterday, and sent them to him today, including cool dice bag.

After becoming kind of interested in gaming the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of thinking about Role Playing Games and how rad they are.

How much better than “card” games they are.

How much better than video games they are.

I think you’ll find a lot of old time gamers who also greatly disrespect card games like Magic: the Gathering. Really, all that shit is all Pokemon-esque. It’s just a vehicle for selling more and more cards and/or video games/consoles. Weak. I’ll admit, I like occasionally playing video games, but man, I tried playing Halo with my nephews last week, and it was 100% bullshit confusing. Then we went to the arcade where I totally whipped their asses on Galaga! Yeah man — it was great! Here’s what was kind of funny. My oldest nephew kept getting blown up in Galaga, and said “There’s so much to keep track of.” That is really really funny, because to me Halo is the same, with the added complication that I have no idea where the hell my character is or what I’m doing.

At any rate, whether playing Halo or Galaga, I am happy to play video games with my nephews, even when the are kicking my ass.

But I digress.

Why RPGs are more betterer than stuff that is worse than them…

  • Creative: RPGs are creative. Players create. They create together. They use imagination.
  • RPGs are social in nature. Pretty much can’t play them alone.
  • Don’t involve looking at a damned screen.
  • Don’t go bad because they move to a new gaming platform.
  • Slower pace than today’s stupid fast society.
  • If you are a gamer, there are games you will remember for the rest of your life. Few can say the same of a video games.

Some might say that video games help give kids the skills they need for modern work. Really? Do you really believe that? Do you WANT your kid to be a cubicle monkey like you (or me). That’s not how humans should live. Watch Office Space, for “BOB”‘s sake. You should want your kids to be musicians, poets, writers, artists, liquor store owners, or librarians. Right?

OK, well, as I have been updating my D&D knowledge, I learned that just this month the first materials of the 5th Edition came out, with the Players Handbooks, DMG, and Monster Manual coming out over the rest of the year. Stoked because they made the basic rules and whatnot available for free as a PDF. I have checked it out and it looks pretty good. Looks like they have un-fucked what they fucked  up in 4th edition. Hard to tell without actually playing, but it looks pretty good. They have a “Starter Set” available in the stores that has a prefab adventure to help new players get started, and it is only about $20. That’s pretty damned good.

My friend Dave is picking up some of the 2nd Edition books for me, which is great. I’ve used them. They are essentially the same as the much-loved 1st Edition, but with refinements. Gonna get them, and also order the old books from Amazon. I’ll send the old books to my nephew, since the new edition isn’t totally available yet, but I think he will dig the new one when it can be purchased.

Also in gaming news, an old highschool and college friend and sometimes-gaming buddy is moving back up here next month. He has been working on a campaign setting and rules, so I am hoping that we can play once or twice a month. They will have to be shorter sessions than the old days – maybe 3 or 4 hours – since we are old dudes with jobs now – but I think it would be fun.