More on video games

I feel like I should clear the air about video games.

I don’t really hate them.  I stink at them, but don’t hate them.

When all’s said and done (and other overused sayings), I think people should do what they enjoy as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. So if video games are your thing, than have at it. Good for you. Follow your passion, etc., etc., amen.

And no, I’m not setting the stage to announce that I have a secrete video game addiction problem. Nope. Just feeling generous today.

Here is my video game ownership history, just to prove I have explored this area somewhat…

  • Mattel Electronics Missle Attack handheld video game.
  • Mattel Electronics Sub Attack handheld video game
  • Nintendo Super NES system, on which I played Super Mario World for a couple of years, but really nothing else. Still have it. Still works.
  • Sony Playstation. I played a car racing game and a snowboarding game. Don’t have it anymore.
  • Nintendo Wii — I currently have this, and enjoy playing Rock Band 2 with my wife. Also own Godzilla Unleashed, Wii Fit, Rock Band 3, and Wii Sports. Pretty much just play Rock Band though.

Now my cards are on the table.


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