I have not delved into the AI stuff much at all. A few months ago I played with an AI art generator until my free tries ran out. I have not used any of the others. When I was doing the art thing I very much wonder what online resources had been evaluated and remixed to create the images produced. I have to think they came from somewhere. Or maybe “everywhere”?

The slurping-in of people’s creative output by these systems is kind of troubling. Even being as ignorant of this stuff as I am, I have to say my immediate reaction is to hate it.

I have stopped posting video to Youtube. I am considering making all my Vimeo videos “unlisted” or “private” from here on out. I’m even thinking about making all my stuff here on CL require a log-in to view, or something like that. I realize this is a meaningless gesture given the nature of this issue, but really it is only a “gesture.” I just really don’t want to feed this beast even my own little collection of thoughts, images, and sounds.

4 thoughts on “AI

  1. Mike Moore

    Truly strange times. I was offered (I’m sure everyone with a CC account was) the Photoshop Beta with AI “fillers”, I’m literally scared of it. Don’t wanna open the box. Like you, I’m not super stoked on where the AI “generated” images come from, and then where things are able to go from there. Those of us that can actually create will likely go the way of the quaint village blacksmith…I’m good with that.

  2. Eric Sanders

    I just think of Phillip K. Dick whenever AI is mentioned. So many early science fiction writers wrote of technology going bad. They were only stories, right?

  3. Paul Neumann

    Asking Bard a question is better than sitting through links. I asked for ideas for a podcast episode a couple of weeks ago and it gave me some ideas. Not THE idea, but some things to consider that led me to my final decision. I would have a talk hard time just having it create something for me. I have an AI client and that’s really not where it’s promise lies. And AI-generated code is a parlor trick at best.


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