A few things I’ve grown weary of…

  • Men’s watches with big metal bands. Seem to be trying too hard to be manly.
  • Really huge watches. This trend needs to stop. There is a maximum reasonable size for a watch, based on the size human wearing it. So the rule is fuzzy, but in general if the watch can be seen from space, it is too big.
  • Pictures of people at parties holding their drinks. Reminds me of how uncomfortable and awkward it is to have to carry a damned drink around with you.
  • Cosplay. This is an excuse at comic conventions for 1)women to dress up and make the convention all about themselves, and 2)for nerds to ogle women dressed up as superheros. Exception — every Con, regardless of official subject matter, needs at least one extremely obese women dress up as the green Orion dancing girl from Star Trek.
  • The Prairie Home Companion. Actually, I’ve never not been weary of this audio exercise in tedium. The good news? Garrision Keillor is 71.
  • Dave Mustaine. Heavy Metal is not a musical genre known for the intelligence of it’s musicians or it’s fans, but Dave is probably dragging the mean IQ down quite a bit. Again, really, I’ve always been weary of Dave.

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