There’s a great conspiracy movie floating around the ‘net right now, called Zeitgeist. Very entertaining, but almost all bullshit. The stuff about the Federal Reserve is particularly amusing (totally incorrect, of course, but amusing in a science-fiction sort of way). Then there’s that old line about how you don’t have to pay your income tax, and of course how 911 was an inside job.

Here’s some interesting comments on the James Randi Educational Foundation message board.

Here are some good debunking links from that thread:

The God Who Wasn’t There analysis
Loose Change Guide
Debunking Federal Reserve CTs
Income Tax myths

From Popular Mechanics:

and Scientific American:

To me, the most obvious question for these kinds of conspiracy nuts is this: IF you have discovered the Truth with a capital T, and you have made this movie, THEN why is the movie still up on Google, and why are you still alive?

One thought on “Zeitgeist

  1. David Rush

    Those conspiracies are just an attempt to distract us from the REAL truth. That 911 was perpetrated by the Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people under the supervision of the reverse vampires!!


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