TV Notes

I often write about how I don’t really watch any new TV shows. Today I want to write about two new shows that I’m watching.

OK, I am watching them on Hulu. It’s not like I’m rearranging my life around them. But here they are.

The Flash. I like this new show. Three or four episodes in, and I think they have done a good job adapting the comic book material to the small screen. The effects are good. I’m hoping that the Flash gets faster and discovers more powers as the series continues.

Constantine. I watched episode 1 last night, and it was really cool. Good magic/demonology kind of stuff. Kind of like Dr. Who, but not as stupid. (Sorry – I kind of like Dr. Who, but it can be pretty dumb sometimes). I am praying to Satan that this show be successful and continue for a few seasons.

That is all.

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