Training the Magic Weasel

A new skate video…

Warning – I shot this video mostly to analyze my own skating – so yes — it is mostly the same footwork sequence over and over, from different angles. But some of it was kind of cool, so I decided to put it up here on youtube.

My friend Tony Gale says that freestyle skater Stefan Albert moves like “a magic weasel”. I decided to learn some footwork inspired by Stefan. The Magic Weasel is 2 end-overs into a 1-footed tail 360 into 2 end-overs, but the trick is making a smooth transition from endovers to 1 footed 360s and back to endovers, so it all appears to be one continuous movement.

This was my first day working on this sequence. Thought it went pretty well.

One really nice thing about freestyle is that if you get to your spot and you are tired, you can warm up by working on low-impact stuff like this, and then move to harder moves as your body wakes up.


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