This Fall

Assuming there is an actual Fall this year, with nice weather, rather than going from blistering miserable summer right into cold and shitty winter, I want to take a skate/reading/writing roadtrip in the new car. It’s nice to have a new car. It’s nice to skate. It’s nice to read and write.

I need to plan this, but damn, I think it might be too late to do a good one, as my work schedule is already kinda set. Will have to see. Would like to drive to skate with friends, and when driving listen to audio books and podcasts, and when not skating find a nice place to read and write.

I’d like to drive out to West Texas. Maybe start in El Paso, skate with some friends there, and then down south a bit, see the desolation and soak it in, then to the border/Harlingen, then head down to Southeast Texas/Galveston, do the same thing, then up through Central Texas. Would like to camp at Palo Duro Canyon.


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