the Weekend Report

It rained all weekend. So no skating.

Other than that, not a bad weekend.

Aikido on Saturday, and taught kids class as usual. Adult class was strenuous, which is good. Friend’s birthday party Saturday night.

Sunday – took my mom to church. Then later she and I went to a person’s house who had contacted me earlier in the week. A retired military guy, he had been an officer at Camp Leonard Wood when my dad was in basic training for the National Guard. It seems that as a former minor league baseball player, my dad and his brother spent most of their time playing on the camp baseball team. This guy had a baseball that both of them had signed, which he wished me to have. So that was very cool. I appreciate his thought and kindness, and the baseball will stay in our family.

Then last night we went to Master Pancake Theater, a live version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, done periodically at the Alamo Drafthouse by 3 or 4 very funny people. They spoofed The Exorcist. For a movie that scared the hell out of everyone when it came out, I have to say it isn’t very scarey now. But it was fun.


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