The Problem with getting all 1999.

The problem with doing things all back-to-the-basics, as I have decided to do on my new blog, is that when you write something you generally want at least a few people to read it. But of course, by getting all 1999 you will not have your stuff read.

And there is my dilemma.

So after 24 hours of working on the site, I think I’m probably done with it. I just am not strong enough to write stuff and post stuff that is going right out into the black hole of the internet.

So…I’m going to cross post stuff here for a while. If the other site gets any traffic, cool. The only traffic thus far, other than two friends who know about it, is from Russia. No doubt some scumbags trying to figure out how they can hack my pages.

So, we’ll just see how this goes….

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