Saturday practice

Gonna try to remember some of the techniques we practiced last Saturday and make some notes. In general, I feel like I need clarification on the omote versions of these. Of course, I need tons of work on all of them. In particular, I have trouble with the first step of the omote versions – which foot to lead with. I guess it’ll all come with time.

Saturday we had a guest instructor, and I was lucky to get to practice a lot with our Sensei, who was very patient.

Suwari Waza — Shomenuchi Ikkyo — omote and ura.
Shomenuchi Ikkyo
Shomenuchi Iriminage
Katatetori Kotegaeshi – omote and ura: Need clarification on omote vs. ura versions.
Katatetori Shihonage – omote and ura: I am less clear on the omote version. Need to review the entry part.