Saturday Night Tech Bitching

OK, I’ll admit I use some old technology. But damn, I got some bitching to do.

It will make me feel better…

Oh yeah – this post has some bad words in it, to reflect my state of frustration. If you don’t like to read such words, I invite you to get the hell of my blog right now.  K? K.

  • My 7 year old MacBook came with iMovie HD. For some reason it no longer recognizes my 8 year old Mini-DV camcorder for importing footage. Thing is, last time I tried it, all this shit worked! Did a software update sneak in and fuck up my setup? If so, well, screw them!
  • So I tried turning on the hardly ever used Toshiba PC laptop. I turn the thing on and it immediately is trying to sell me virus protection improvements. I already have virus protection. Apparently they want me to spend more. Turning this sonofabitch on is like going to a gas station where some dirtbag always asks you for some help “buying a bus ticket”.
  • Well, I find out that the laptop didn’t come with Windows Movie Maker installed. Never mind the fact that even 3 years ago when I bought it making movies on your computer was a pretty common thing to do. In typical Microsoft/PC fashion, they didn’t bother putting that on the computer. So I go to their download center, and it’s gonna take fucking 2 hours or so based on the snail-like movement of the progress bar to install ONE SIMPLE PROGRAM.  Well screw that. I force quit all the programs that were running and turn that bastard off. I wonder if I could gut it and use the case as a litter box for my cats.
  • Whilst all this bullshit is going on, I am trying my damnedest to remove a few songs from my iPod. Have you ever tried to do this? iTunes is one of the worst applications ever designed for actually managing your music and what is transferred to your portable device. It really makes me 1)sorry I have bought so much shit as downloads from the iTunes store, and 2)wishing I had just kept buying CDs, so I could move all that music to some other player/tablet/whatever. I wish I had all that music just saved as plain old MP3s, ripped from CDs, so I’d be less married to the iTunes system.  I feel like a wife whose husband beats the shit out of her, but he’s rich and she’s stuck there because she doesn’t want to start over. Yep. iTunes is an abusive spouse, and I am it’s bitch.

Now, you might be somewhat justified in pointing out that 7 years is pretty old for a laptop. That’s true. Congratulations – you have correctly assessed that factoid. HOWEVER — why, after me making no changes whatsofuckingever, does my setup for video not work anymore?

Out of 1 MacBook, one several-years-old Mac Mini, a Toshiba Windows/Shit PC, and $250 Google Chromebook, guess which device is operating as advertised? Yep. The cheap-ass Chromebook. It is limited in its function, but for its function is does great. No goddamn virus protection extortion racket. No shitty software. If this thing could edit video, audio, and hold my music, I would kiss all this other shit goodbye.

But sadly, as frustrated as I am finding some of the Apple products and software, they are still infinitely better than any PC available. The cheapest MacBook Air is better than any PC laptop you could get Santa to team up with the Devil and Einstein’s Ghost to build you. I may have to save up for one.

All this being said — Aikido and Skateboarding were awesome today — and this is all that really matters.



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