Reading habits

Last year was, as previously noted, an abysmal year for reading for me. I simply didn’t read very much at all.

I have decided that henceforth, when I go to lunch, I will not be taking my iPad, iPod, or Chromebook with me. I will only be taking my Kindle Paperwhite or an actual book.

Lunch is generally the best time for me to read. I am alone. I have no responsibilities at that time to converse with other people, interact in any meaningful way with others, and can be away from distractions. I like to write during lunch, but generally I can write at other times. Reading, not so much. When I get home I am tired. It is hard to read then. That’s a big reason more people don’t read. I’ll admit, I’ve replaced mindless TV watching to some extent with mindless web surfing, but with the stress of life, sometimes you need some mindlessness. Plus, after work I like to skating or to aikido class.

So that’s it. Lunchtime is the time that the interwebs can officially fuck off. Sorry, interwebs. I am busy.

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