Podcast Movement and My Own Class

Yesterday in Fort Worth there was a big podcasting convention/seminar/thing. It featured a keynote and the presense of Marc Maron, of the WTF Podcast. Months ago the keynote was, get this…, Glenn Beck. As soon as Beck was announced, I’m sure the organizers realized from the instant heckling that Beck was a poor choice. No way I would pay to see him, and having an idiot like that as your keynote really reduces the overall credibility of the event.

So, somehow Beck the Horrible was replaced with Maron the Great! Marc is the man!

But I didn’t go.

I taught a 3 student podcasting class as part of my job as a public librarian. It was really fun. They were all very interested, had great questions, and left with the skills and knowledge they need to get started.

This was free.

Yes – free. Public libraries — getting the job done for the people, no bullshit.

3 thoughts on “Podcast Movement and My Own Class

  1. Mike Moore

    I was way late to the game on Maron, but I dig him a lot these days. Check out his Robin Williams, Robert Williams, and Obama interviews as 3 highlights.


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