When I was in college, as a freshman, I took an introduction to Philosophy class. I enjoyed the class, but at the time I was too much of a dumbass to really apply myself to it and get the most out of it. My roomate was a double major biology/philosophy guy, who was always fun for discussions. I eventually married a philosophy major and grad student, which is very lucky for me, as she has kept me intellectually engaged over the years. Certainly, there are two sides of me – one that just wants to go out and smash skateboards into my shins and fall on the ground, and the side that longs to be the literary guy, the reader, the writer.

Anyway, today I purchased Philosophy as a Guide to Living on I enjoy a good lecture, and these things from the Learning Company are very good. This audio course comes with a PDF file containg a very good outline of each chapter. I read the chapter 1 outline at lunch, and listened to chapter 1 while I worked this afternoon. Twice. Yeah, I listened twice — had to since I was working simultaneously.


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      Thanks, Dave. I have not. I like these lectures, as they are a lot more accessible to my feeble mind that reading the source material!


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