Parking Lot Hijinx

Took the Mode Pool board, which I’ve decided is a little better for my weird freestyle influenced version of street skating, to my oldest skate spot and just let the GoPro record a bunch of stuff. Not crazy about the fisheye effect and the way it makes distant stuff look even more distant, but it gets the job done. After about an hour the school district cop rolled up and told me the entire grounds of the school are closed, so I saluted and said very good sir, and was on my way. I’d gotten my skate in, and really, I’m not gonna win that argument. I mean, there I am in an otherwise empty parking lot, but how can she tell all the dumbasses on the playground to leave and not tell me the same thing? Well, she can’t. So off I went.

By the way – for hard wheel skating, there’s just no reason to buy anything but Bones STF.

Nothing mind boggling here – just sharing ’cause that’s how we pandemic.

Looks pretty good if you go to full screen on the vid.

Parking Lot Hijinx from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Parking Lot Hijinx

  1. Eric sanders

    smooth 360s Bob. Glad you got some skating in. When asked to leave a place you were respectful about it. Kids that is what you should do instead of acting all surly.

  2. Chris Sedition

    Bait and switch! I was all excited for an hour’s worth of footage…and saw it was only about 3 min. So, I just watched it 20 times instead. Was playing with Walk Arounds a bit yesterday. A bit dicey because the foot that stays on board is my “bad” one. It’s hard to be “light footed” with that one, but was making some progress. Video soon.

    1. admin Post author

      The Walk-Around is a lot harder on the street board with not FS rectangle and everything is harder with loose trucks, but it is nice to turn. I tried doing this on Joe’s board when he was here, as well as WTDs, and it was so difficult with a “street” setup and loose trucks. I mean, I could do it, which Joe was real funny about because he was blaming his gear kind of, but really his set up DID make it harder.

      I think a lot of skaters could benefit from having some good bushings. A lot of skaters only know about Bones bushings, which are pretty horrible. You want a bushing that turns when you want, but is never floppy.


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