Parking Lot Antics

After a pretty rough week — busy at work and losing our cat, Casper — I got out to skate a bit today. I was pretty worn out, but Pandemic Parking Lot is always fun. Didn’t really “work” on anything today. Just rolled around and enjoyed skating. I streamed it live on Facebook, and these are clips from there, thus the shitty quality. I need to take my push broom out there. There are a lot of acorns, twigs, and random junk up by the curb, under the trees.

It’s fun to stream sessions on Facebook. I like to check and see who is watching and talk to them.

3 thoughts on “Parking Lot Antics

  1. Eric Sanders

    Parking lot acorns are very bad for skating. If no broom handy the old shoe sweep into a less skated area works.

  2. Paul Neumann

    I like the Concrete Lunch. I haven’t been on facebook since the first week of November 2020 when the world lost its mind.


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