Paderborn 2019

It seems that Youtube stripped out the music from my runs posted by Alex Foster at Late Tricks. So he sent me the footage, and I’m posting run 2 here.

It is not the best I can do, but when does one every skate the best they can during a contest? At least for me it is rare. BUT – I really enjoyed this run a lot. I think you can see me smiling. I went to this contest with the intention of doing a run that would be unlike any of the others, and I think I accomplished that, so I’m happy. Will go back next year with more flow and a couple of new tricks.

6 thoughts on “Paderborn 2019

  1. Mike Moore


    Hendrix is an interesting choice, and I approve. Good stuff! Are the people in orange on the side EMS? Not familiar with any horrible freestyle slams.

    You guys need a freestyle version of the mega-ramp…get that lacking X Games coverage.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, that was EMS. And yes, FS has some horrible slams, haha. Anything where the board can just come out from under you and put you on your head can fuck you up pretty bad.

      1. Eric sanders

        The very few contests I ever have been in are a nerve stretching experience. Be grateful you are on flatland and not going downhill trying to not hit cones or the ground. Always have fun when skating the board.


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