Opinion time

OK, I haven’t really given a damn about much of anything the last 3 weeks. But today I saw this on Stacy Peralta’s Instagram account and found that I started caring again. This is the sort of flow you want to see in skateboarding – all skateboarding. This is the ideal. I want to see more of this, and more of Alva doing this kind of thing as well. So rad.

3 thoughts on “Opinion time

  1. Eric sanders

    Without the pureness of flowing on a skateboard, we’d just be stagnant while standing in a line to trick. Wait that last part happens way too much. More flowing while rolling. That is why I dig carves so much endless flow.

  2. Mike Moore

    See?!? This is the stuff that’ll never let me walk (hobble) away from skating. Once you’ve tasted just a little flow…that monkey will be on your back forever.


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