Old Man

I took this old man to the vet yesterday for a checkup. We lost his little brother a few weeks ago to a very sudden and severe onset of diabetes. Lefty is now 13, so I took him in for some blood work and all that. Got the results today. All his numbers are amazingly good for a 13 year old cat who is…a large cat. He’s been as heavy as 17 pounds a few years ago. We did a very gradual reduction in his feeding and now his is down to a more reasonable 15 pounds. He’s still a big boy. Man, I am relieved that his numbers are good. I know he is the equivalent of 68 human years old. He has been such a good friend to us. Most of my social media posts are pictures of him. I want his senior years to be as healthy as possible.

3 thoughts on “Old Man

  1. Mary B

    Bob, what a fabulous picture of you and Lefty! I feel I know him, you spoke of him so often, when we worked together. I’m glad he is doing so well

  2. Eric Sanders

    So very glad your buddy Lefty is doing good and hope you two continue your adventures together for years to come.


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