Old Bastard Trick Tip #3: Walk the Dog

My talking seems to be increasing rather than decreasing, but I swear to remedy this. Part of the issue is that I am not just teaching the trick, but I’m also trying to talk to the old guys out there and address what I think are particular concerns and issues they might face. So that simply requires more talking. Next time I may wear a mask so y’all don’t get too sick of seeing my face.

So, Walk the Dog is one of the primary footwork tricks in freestyle. It’s important. Like the moves I’ve described in previous tips, it is a move that emphasizes the ability for the skater to move atop the board. It requires that your feet not be glued to the deck. You must be able to move them with some ease and eventually some grace. That’s the goal.

One thing I failed to mention in my excessive talking is the idea of not overpowering the kickturn in this. This move is all about subtle weight distribution. You may not have it at first. That’s OK. This trick will help you develop it. But when you are doing the kickturn part, try not to beat it to death. Just relax. Everything’s gonna be OK. A calm, peaceful, centered kickturn is what you want. So calm your mind, get all Zen, and let it flow slowly and smoothly.

Practice your Walk the Dog along with the previous tips here. Over, and over, and over. That’s how you get better. Mix them all together. Be creative!

I know with 100% certainty that you can do this!

Also, you can always get better! Looking at this video, I really need to work on my arm style. Man, it’s not the worst I’ve every seen, but it could be a lot better. I generally don’t like to copy anyone’s style, but when I see something in my own that I find ghastly, I try to adjust a bit.

Finally, for additional trick tips, and additional more detailed info on these, check out FreestyleTrickTips.com , by Tony Gale.

OBFTrickTip3 from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Old Bastard Trick Tip #3: Walk the Dog

  1. Jonathan

    Good job on these trick tips! I may need a little help.
    First of all, I have a couple handicaps for this trick. I’m 6’4″ and have a size 13 foot. I’m riding a Tony Gale, which is wonderful for just about everything else I do, but with the short wheelbase, I really struggle. I feel like I’m dancing on the head of a pin. I can do them a little better on a full size deck, but not by much.
    So, No. 1, the first kick-turn.
    How the heck do you get your front foot to the center of the board so smoothly. I really struggle with this one. I’ve noticed, as Ken McDowell did on Insta, that you seem to do a little kickturn into the first…dog(?). It looks like your pulling your front foot back to the center as your front trucks are off the ground. Any pointers on that?
    No. 2, keeping the pivot foot centered.
    This is where I really seem to struggle. I can do about 3 in a row before my front foot is no longer centered on the board, then all hell breaks loose. I’m trying to stay light on the ball of my front foot, but without fail, I fail. Any tips on this point?
    Thanks Bob. Don’t worry, if your response sucks, we can just wait for Tony’s trick tip next week. JK!
    Peace and love brother.

    1. Insane Lament Post author

      1: I’m not sure. Yes, I do that little kickturn and sorta slide my foot at the same time, but I didn’t realize I did it until Ken pointed it out. Been doing this so long I am probably unaware of the little things I do like that. But I think I also start that little kickturn with my foot pretty much in the middle, so not that much movement is needed.

      2. I’m not really sure about this one. Again, I think it may have to do with staying calm and not speeding up as you do them, which for me is the natural tendency. In fact, maybe try slowing down as you do them?

      For sure watch Tony’s tip. He will probably figure this out.

      You are a big person. I’m a little over 6′ tall, size 10.5. Do you feel like your feet are blocking each other?

      1. Jonathan

        Somehow, I manage to keep them from hitting each other as they move around. I just can’t seem to keep my pivot foot centered. Granted, I don’t have the center hole cut in the grip. I’m definitely going to use a cut out next time. I’m going to order another Gale soon, so I’l correct that then.
        Once my pivot foot gets misaligned, game over. I have to dab my back foot on the ground to correct my pivot foot. Going slower helps, but after a couple good tries (still only 3 in a row) it gets cockeyed again.
        I’l try concentrating on it again tomorrow if the weather permits. I’ll let you know how I get on.
        One more thing. I saw this on your trick tip before I went out and it definitely helped. Your comment about trying to stay centered, over your board was helpful. I think that was a turning point for me, keeping that in mind.

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