New stuff

I’m writing this from my new 16″ Macbook Pro. It’s nice to have a new computer. It has been many years since I had a “new” computer. Not complaining. The ones I’ve had have worked well for me. But this is a pretty nice machine. I put Adobe Creative Cloud on it, plus all the usual stuff. Ready to…stay home, stay inside, and do my own thing.

Without going into details, May was not a great month, and I still have a day or so left in it, so there’s still time for it to get worse. Hoping it won’t, as we are both worn out.


2 thoughts on “New stuff

  1. Paul Neumann

    Yeah, May has been a heavy month. But some good records came out yesterday and I got to skate with some old friends this morning. I even impressed the boy with long, frontside 50-50 over a ledge. Fuck May anyway.

  2. Eric sanders

    New things like boards, computers, etc. are always good. Hoping next month is better than this one.


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