New Job

Well, sort of. I am still a librarian, but after 20 years in special libraries (NASA, the Texas legislature, semiconductor industry, and government info), I have been given the opportunity (much needed) to reinvent myself.

I am now a public librarian specializing in services and programs for teens.

This is a great change for me. Over the last few years I’ve done a lot of teen programming for our system, so I’m looking forward to doing even more. It is also nice to be working alongside like-minded, smart, progressive colleagues. Today begins my second week in the new position.

One big change is working one night per week, and one weekend per month. This is my night, so right now I’m home writing this — don’t have to be at work until noon. This is also going to be my weekend, so I have Thursday afternoon off, and all day Friday. It will be nice to have some weekday time off every month.

So I got up this morning, had coffee, and went to the gym with my wife. Came home, relaxed, had some breakfast, and started writing this. Will have about an hour when I finish to do some reading, before I need to leave for work.


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