New Goals

OK, yeah, the 2020 goals didn’t work out that well. In fact, they worked out so badly I didn’t do any new ones in 2021. That’s called being in survival mode. And I still am, but I feel like some goals the the last 2 months of this year might not be a bad thing. So here they are:

  • Finish reading 6 more books for the year. I will still not reach my reading goal (as seen on my Goodreads account) but it will be better than zero more.
  • Skate as much as possible. Gonna go ahead and state some skating goals for this year and 2022 as well. (see next post)
  • Game
  • Not lose my mind

Those seem like reasonable goals to me.

2 thoughts on “New Goals

    1. Bob Post author

      I’m finishing a 550 pg book right now, and after that I’ll stick to much shorter ones the rest of the year.


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