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I got some new stuff today. My first Chromebook, a Samsung, lasted over 2 years before it started wearing out. It still works, but the screen has a lot of static. I’ve been very rough on it, and used it a lot. It cost $250, and I think it was money well-spent.

So today I bought a new Lenovo Chromebook for $149. If it last as long, that will be only about $75 per year. I’m writing on it now. It seems like the trackpad/keyboard area are maybe a bit sturdier than the Samsung Chromebook. We’ll see how it does.

Like the previous machine, this is the 11″ size, so it is light and easy to carry in a backpack, which makes it ideal for travel, writing while I’m at lunch, etc. The trackpad and keyboard still are not super nice – very much worse than a Macbook, but what do you expect for only $149?

One really cool thing about a Chromebook is that since it all runs via Google’s Chrome OS and browser, when you get a new machine and log in, all your apps magically appear. No need to search out and add all your apps back in. They are just there. Very smooth transition.

I also picked up this small Altec bluetooth speaker. It’s nice and small, charges via USB connection, and comes with a standard audio connector cable too, so you don’t have to use energy with Bluetooth. Its case is rubberized and waterproof, so it is rugged enough for travel. For its size it sounds pretty good. Not like my Bose SoundLink, but alright. My goal for all this is light weight and portability.

2016-02-10 13.40.15

2 thoughts on “New Chromebook

  1. neumannfx

    The kids are all chrome booked here because of school. They go from iPad to chromebook all day every day. Some companies send new chrome books with their execs on trips with orders to destroy them once the work is done and they’re about to fly home. They have to smash it and take pictures of the scraps to prove it.


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