Nerd Report

OK, I’m back from my vacation in Boston.

I played Qwirkle with my nephew. It was really fun! Simple rules, but lots of strategy. We dug it a lot. Had hoped to play more, adding his brother and sister to the mix, but they were off on a camping trip.

I watched my niece and nephew play a lot of Minecraft. The mentioned to the older nephew (my Qwirkle partner) that what he is doing with Minecraft is a lot like playing Dungeons and Dragons. That night he spent a lot of time researching D&D, and now wants to play. I checked out the current rules (4th edition), and they are shit. Apparently everyone hates them – they are too video game like. So I’m gonna pick him up some used copies of all the old books (1st edition) and some dice and send them up there.

In other nerd news, we watched an episode of Doctor Who, which was fun, and talked a lot of D&D.

These kids play X-Box and all that stuff constantly. We went to an arcade and I learned that I can kick their asses at Galaga and Centipede. They suck at oldschool video games. I am going to have fun with this fact. They are toast next time we go there.

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