My Pen!

A few years back I got a wide angle/macro lens to clip on my phone. It works like a charm! However, it makes me look fatter when I film myself skating with it. Tonight I decided to use the macro part to take this shot of my fountain pen. Pretty cool. I can’t seem to find my old point n shoot camera with built-in macro. Oh well.


4 thoughts on “My Pen!

  1. Jeff Koenig

    Nice photo of a nice pen and notebook. Is this your Conklin? The Dallas Pen Show, perhaps the second largest fountain pen convention in the US, was held a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t attend this year, but we should make plans to go next year if you haven’t been there.

    1. Bob Post author

      Yes, that is the Conklin. I haven’t bought any new pens. I just use this and the Lamy Safari. Haven’t taken the plunge into collection. The show sounds fun.


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